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One of the most important elements of any business is the ability to manage assets. CAASP Asset tracking software can help to improve the efficiency and profitability of the business in nearly every industry. Each organization establishes its own unique structure and configuration for physical assets. Assets can be centrally located or widely distributed. They can be fixed, movable or even mobile. They can be moved to new location, replaced, swapped and removed for repairs. Additionally assets can be mechanical, electrical or civil. A large enterprise may have thousands of individually numbered assets performing one function in a process of many functions. Therefore proper asset management is essential for the production of quality goods and services.

CAASP LABS asset management software helps you keep track of all the fixed assets as well as movable assets within your facility. Our solutions offer RFID tagging of all the assets and auto capturing of the entry and exit of these assets. At given time, know the complete asset list in a facility and keep track of movement of these assets from one facility to the other.

Asset Tagging

  • When new assets are received, all necessary details will be entered into the application software.
  • A unique asset ID will be generated by the software for the asset.
  • This asset ID will be programmed to a RFID jewelry tag using a desktop RFID encoder or by using a RFID enabled barcode printer.
  • Encoded tag will be then attached to Asset

The benefits of our RFID based asset tracking are as follows:

  • Low cost of investment based on the ROI and no recurring cost except for additional tags for new items.
  • 100% system accuracy on product location, quantity, and item type.
  • Find missing items in seconds with RFID real-time inventory.
  • Eliminate shrinkage – both internal and external.
  • Completing tracking of all assets.
  • Avoiding of human errors or errors while manual update of the asset list.
  • Keep track of stock movement and stock count.
  • Stock replenishment reports by item and item groups.
  • Stock movements tracked and managed across your supply-chain.
  • Replenishment reports by item across store-groups.
  • Eliminate human errors in inventory management and tracking.
  • Audit all inbound and outbound boxes with 100% accuracy.

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