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Manufacturing ERP

Our flagship product which ensures complete activities of the manufacturing industry from enquiry to production & dispatch of finished products has been covered. We offer customized ERP with complete business process automation as per the client requirement. We have various independent modules like CRM, HRMS, Inventory, Stocks, Warehouse Management, and Logistics which have been integrated for the enterprise version. Our main strength which differentiates our product from other ERP product is the business analytics which guides in your business process. Example: When a BOM is created, the application will first check with the stocks for the availability. In case there is a shortage, it will automatically calculate the quantity of the raw materials required and check the inventory for the availability. If there is shortfall again, the application will prompt if you need to place an order.

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. Benefits

  • Manage Profiles
  • Manage Job Process
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Stocks
  • Manage Invoices
  • Manage Sales Order

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. HRMS

  • Employee profiles / leave/attendance / payroll / recruitment / travel /asset/ reimbursement / training /exit workflows.

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. Accounts

  • Employee profiles / leave/ attendance / payroll / recruitment / travel / asset / reimbursement / training /exit workflows.

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. Invoices

  • General Invoices / Create Invoices / Search invoices / Invoice Payments Report / Item wisereport

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. Sales Order

  • Create Sales Order / Order Date / OrderNo. / Search by Customer / Status / Shipment Date / Amount Due

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd. Business Analytics and MIS Reports

  • Take advantage of our various reports which helps you take decisions to improve the functional and financial aspects of your business processes.
CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.
CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Plate Burning ERP

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