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Analytics tools to change the way your business performs

CAASP Labs Business analytics tool makes extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive modelling to drive decision making to change the way your business performs in terms of optimizing productivity,increase process effectiveness and accelerating growth. The key features of our business analytics services are:

  • Data Integration
  • Performance Management
  • Data Mining
  • Tasks Management
  • Productive modelling
  • Descriptive modelling
  • Dynamic Forecasting
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Simple Query results

Easy and simple steps to create dashboards

Just select the type of charts you need and then drag and drop the data fields onto the corresponding charts to view instant, accurate and insightful information to help you take critical business decisions for your organization.

  • Chart
  • Grid
  • Pies
  • Cards
  • Gauges
  • Pivot

Integrate any database, anywhere, anytime

Business Analytics

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CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.